Friday, 31 October 2014

Magical Wedding Weekend

Ooo I love a wedding.
I'm at that ripe young age now where every girl and her dog around me seems to be getting engaged or making babies. Neither of which I am anywhere near even contemplating. I should probably learn to look after myself first before I entertain those thoughts.

Although mine and William's hotel welcome package for his sister's wedding this weekend thought otherwise…

Moving swiftly on. 

So V's magical wedding weekend fiasco's began as we headed northbound from King's X to the land of my favourite pudding- the Yorkshire Pudding (needs capitals).

After some well deserved post travel ham sarnies and homemade chocolatey caramely shortbread at Grandma's, (mmm could've eaten the entire tray but didn't want to make a bad impression with the Grandparents! I'll have to get the recipe) we drove through the gorgeous countryside that is North Yorkshire, breathing in the fresh bonfirey, freshly-mown-grass type of smell that you just want to bottle and inhale when you're in London. Obviously I was fast asleep within minutes of the journey- too much fresh air. 

We arrived at Ripley Castle just in time for a cuppa and a mooch around the grounds before heading to the local country pub to meet the bride & groom for some delicious grub on their final night as Mrs A & Mr M.

Our room at The Boar's Head was so homey and had so many quaint touches- old school radios, homemade biscuits and a mega bath (thank you very much). Safe to say I was in there before you could say Yorkshire Pudding. Whilst having a good old soak with my book in one hand, pic n mix in the other, I was interrupted by a knock at the door. William's mum, 'fizz in the bride's room'….obviously I needed no persuading. Bath abandoned, PJ's donned, I was ready for a girly evening of fizz & pretzels which was just perfect. - My favourite part was seeing how excited V was getting about marrying her husband to be!

And before we knew it, the big day was finally here ! 

I LOVE these socks V bought William to wear as a little pressie along with a personalised Usher hip flask. You can find loads of these on Ebay and I especially love the Groom's which said 'So you don't get cold feet' which you can find here . I didn't manage to get a picture of the grooms feet though…that would have been a little strange. We're not there yet. Give it a year.

The ceremony was so magical, complete with fairy lights, candelabras, a sweetie table(!!!), the best roast beef & yorkshire puds I've tasted and one B-ea-u-tiful bride and beaming groom. I don't think the smiles left either of their faces all day. 

My perfect weekend in York was topped off by a quick trip to Betty's Tea Rooms to buy a new tea towel (it's the little things) before saying our good byes and scoffing our faces some more with a big fat juicy burger in Banyans

(Apologies for some of the less than perfect photo's, I'm still getting used to my new camera!)

Betty x

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