Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Feel Good Kitchen Stocking Fillers

Stocking Filler Ideas The Betty Stamp

In my opinion, the most important aspect of a home is that relaxing, feel good space where you can kick back and put the stresses and strains of life to the back of your mind for a few hours. For me that space is my kitchen.

Find this silly tea towel here

I love nothing more than pottering round my kitchen, be it whipping up delicious dinners for friends, getting creative with the baking soda or just sitting at the breakfast bar enjoying a large  glass of wine and a packet of  few biscuits with the TV on.

So whilst trying my hardest to get some inspiration online for Christmas prezzies today, I found myself getting completely lost in the kitchen sections instead. The problem I find myself facing is that, I end up wanting to buy all of the pointless products that nobody needs but everybody (or just me) wants. I mean who wouldn't want light bulb salt and pepper shakers to make them smile every time they used them.

Here's what would have happened if I'd accidentally put in my card details and pressed the purchase button…

Stocking Filler Ideas The Betty Stamp

Now I know what you're thinking, why would you waste your money on christmas pudding bin bags. But think about it, how much do you hate taking the smelly bins out…but how much would you love  taking the smelly bins out in these festive sacks?! It would make your neighbours so happy! Ok Ok they're still a waste of money but I still want them. 

I really have a lot of love for these wild dining plates and definitely do not think they are a waste of money. So they've made it to my christmas wish list... even though I was meant to be shopping for others and not myself. I'll have a serious word with myself later.

But until then onto these cute personalised wooden spoons. Such a sweet gift idea if you have kids, I'm sure it would encourage them to help out with the cooking & baking so you can spend some quality time in the heart of the house.

Now these chocolate Brussel sprouts are definitely going to make it into a few friend's stockings this year. I, for one, cannot abide sprouts but I would quite happily munch away at these fun stocking fillers. Every christmas my mum forces makes me and my brother have one sprout each (still at the age of 23)…I have an idea brewing…she'll never know! (Unless she reads this ...which she probably will). Sprout swapping plan ruined.

Stocking Filler Ideas The Betty Stamp

These matryoshka measuring cup dolls would go perfectly in a girly kitchen, but lets face it, you'd never get any measuring done, you'd be too busy seeing if they actually fitted inside each other. You know I'm right.

I think I have my dad's Christmas present sorted with the artisan bread making flower pots and the personalised biscuit tin! Enough said. He likes his food. 

I couldn't resist showing you another wild dining plate. Meet Patricia Panda Plate and that up there ^^ was Gina Giraffe.

Stocking Filler Ideas The Betty Stamp

Some vibrant veggie prints to brighten up your kitchen. Not on the High Street has a whole array of prints like this You're My Cup of Tea print to put a smile on your face.

There's the infamous light bulb salt & pepper shakers, you can probably make them yourself! I might give that a go. Although mine would probably fall over. Watch this space!

And to finish off, I love all things cheese, so this personalised cheese board is right up my not on the high street.

I hope I've given you a few good stocking filler ideas and do let me know if you buy any! I'll be very jealous.
I might go order those plates

Betty x 



  1. these are so cute! Perfect christmas present ideas! x

    1. Thanks Rachel ! Hope you end up buying a few bits and bobs!
      Betty x


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