Monday, 10 November 2014

How To // Homemade Vanilla Lip Scrub

DIY Vanilla Lip Scrub The Betty Stamp

I love Winter. Every single thing about it. Wearing 5 layers of knitwear so my body's a sauna but my face and toes are freezing regardless of how many pairs of socks I put on, the turning on of the Regent Street lights, stuffing my face with Currywurst at the fireworks, making tummy-warming homemade soups and taking bubble baths to warm my chilly toes. 

But with all these changes of temperature, my skin and lips tend to suffer the consequences. I find myself traipsing the aisles of Boots an abnormal amount in the nippier seasons and overspending on all sorts of different moisturising creams, sugary scrubs and balms. So I thought I'd experiment with making some homemade products out of completely natural ingredients to quench and rehydrate my lips this winter.

Regardless of how much water you drink or Vaseline you smother over your chops, sometimes it's impossible to shift that chapped, dehydrated feeling on our lips. For those of you addicted to the Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub this will be right up your street as I've created my own twist on this handy lip buffer. 

I've chosen to make a vanilla lip scrub but you can substitute the vanilla for whatever flavour that tickles your fancy. Bubble gum, peppermint, strawberry, orange. Go nuts. 

What you'll need//

1 tbsp Brown sugar
1 tbsp Coconut oil or Olive oil
1 tsp Honey
3 drops Vanilla flavouring 
1 small empty tub

Hint: Add 2 drops of red/pink food colouring to give your scrub & lips a hint of colour. But don't go overboard! Or you'll have glowing rouge lips! 

DIY Vanilla Lip Scrub The Betty Stamp

Find a small bowl to mix your ingredients and add the coconut/olive oil, sugar, honey and vanilla. Mush well. Simples.

DIY Vanilla Lip Scrub The Betty Stamp

DIY Vanilla Lip Scrub The Betty Stamp

At first attempt I used soft brown sugar but found the grains weren't big enough so added Demerara sugar and doubled up the other ingredients. So now I have extra for stocking fillers :) 

Let me know which flavour you try :) Happy scrubbing!

Betty x



  1. I love making my own lip scrub too! I never tried incorporating a food coloring, sounds interesting ;)

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    1. I'm addicted ! It's tastes so good :)
      The food colouring makes it look prettier I think. Enjoy!
      Betty x


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