Monday, 3 November 2014

Top 10 Winter Coats

Top 10 Winter Coats The Betty Stamp

As a general rule of thumb I dress for comfort, so what with winter finally deciding to grace us with it's presence, I will be well and truly in my element. Fur coats, bobble hats, mittens- you name it, I will be engulfed in it all. No nippy weather is breaking through my cosy barrier, no siree.

Top 10 Winter Coats The Betty Stamp

Having missed Christmas last year due to living on a boat for 10 months ^^^(example of me going slightly crazy from living on a boat) I am determined to make this one a magical, egg nog filled Winter to remember. Onesie already purchased (a sumptiously soft Where's Wally one), fireworks night planned in Brockwell Park and Christmassy-smelling candles scattering the house, I am finally getting excited for having a red nose and chilly fingertips. 

I've been on the hunt for a decent water proof coat for a while now for when I'm out walking Scout and have asked Santa Claus very very nicely for one, so if anyone knows of any good'uns for me/Santa to have a look at that won't break the bank, then please do share your coat wisdom! 

During my search for water proofs I found myself distracted by the beautiful colours and textures of jackets that are showering the shelves at the moment, so thought I'd share a few of my favourites just incase any of you lovely people are on a coat hunt also. 

Zara's collection always tickles my pickle and I have lived in my Zara camel coloured teddy bear coat since William found it for me last winter. 

Top 10 Winter Coats The Betty Stamp

Here are my Top 10 Winter Coat personal faves so far…

Top 10 Winter Coats The Betty Stamp

1. Zara Anorak HERE

2. Zara Cape HERE

3. ASOS Pea Coat HERE (I particularly love this one because it's called a pea coat!)

4. Zara Mohair Coat HERE

Top 10 Winter Coats The Betty Stamp

5. TED BAKER on Asos HERE I <3 Ted

6. Asos Double Breasted Mac HERE 
I love this elegant look and it's in the sale!

7. Topshop Double Breasted Cape HERE

8. Asos Classic Mac HERE 
(you can pretend you're a fake Burberry model…a Furberry model)

Top 10 Winter Coats The Betty Stamp

9. Whistles Pink Ira Textured Coat HERE

10. Zara Wool Coat HERE

I've lied to you all. Just to be naughty I have an 11th coat just because it's my favourite one and I'm rubbish at making decisions.
This Alsace dark mint slim-fit belted coat from Reiss has chic written all over it, one look at it and I turned into a Meerkat. 
Please please please Mr Santa Claus (I know it's not mud friendly or water proof in anyway way shape or form but it's so preeetty)

Top 10 Winter Coats The Betty Stamp

Happy coat shopping, 

Betty x 

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