Monday, 15 December 2014

I Got Ma Hair Did // Honey Colour Balayage

If you're looking for ways to spice up your locks for the festive season, I have a highly recommended option for all you chocolatey coloured brunettes.

After having every other Londoner parading their funky dip dyes in front of me, I couldn't resist any longer. It is Christmas(!) after all- why not treat ourselves? As my wisest buddy says - 'You wear your hair everyday so why not spend money on it' - very true. After all, I would spend the equivalent in Zara to what I'm paying for the balayage!

This is my very first hair colour experience! Yes, you heard correctly my friends, I have been au natural my whole life (bar a few henna shampoos…pretty wild huh?)

And what better excuse for new hair, than a Christmas Wedding. I was asked to sing at a friend's wedding this weekend down in sunny Somerset, so wanted to add a splash of seasonal colour to my locks. It was starting to look a little drab. So I headed to Gro on Clapham High Street for my new look - it's pretty fancy shmancy in there, far too quirky for the likes of me, but they made me feel very welcome and the receptionist was a hoot! 

I realise I don't put many pictures of myself up on The Betty Stamp anyway so you probably won't know what my hair looked like before really, but it was a pretty bog standard dark brown.

Here's a snap of my new huurr & what I wore - a Ted Baker looky likey but it was actually from the Zara sale *shhh*... and was £20! *even bigger shhh* Here's the real deal from Ted Baker

Janey's dress is actually a real-life Ted Baker and is STUNNING - *cue dress envy*. It's so festive and shimmery, she looked the bees knees. Find her Ted number here.

Here are a few Pinterest examples of honey coloured balayage for other style options.

Pictures found on the following links

Everyone have the best 10 day count down to Christmas!! And make sure you eat ALL of the mince pies in sight.

Betty x

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At 15 December 2014 at 21:10 , Blogger Louise Francesca said...

I love your hair!! I have blonde dip dye but I want to tone it down to more honey shades. would be great if you could check out my fashion blog? :)


At 15 December 2014 at 21:49 , Blogger Betty Stamp said...

Thanks Louise! I just popped over now, lovely blog!

Betty x

At 15 December 2014 at 22:47 , Blogger Sunni simply said...

Wow I love your hair! So pretty ♥ Keep going

At 15 December 2014 at 23:17 , Blogger Annabel B said...

Gorgeous! I love balayaged hair as opposed to ombre, looks much nice & more natural.

Annabel ♥
Mascara & Maltesers

At 16 December 2014 at 00:02 , Blogger Betty Stamp said...

Thanks so much! That's really sweet of you to say, Merry Christmas (nearly!)
Betty x

At 16 December 2014 at 00:02 , Blogger Betty Stamp said...

Thanks Annabel! I completely agree, much less harsh. Happy Holidays!
Betty x

At 17 December 2014 at 22:26 , Blogger Sophie Huxter-Freer said...

Your hair looks lovely! :)


At 20 December 2014 at 21:29 , Blogger Betty Stamp said...

Thanks Sophie!
Merry Christmas :)
Betty x


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