Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Perfect Everyday Necklace

In my venture to find the perfect everyday necklace there have been SO many close contenders. I've been hooked on the beautiful designs and shapes scattering websites and shops - it's so difficult to chose! I just want one of all of them please Mr Santa Claus. But if not…then you can find my very favourite choice at the bottom...

The Most Important Thing to Consider When Choosing a Necklace.

Which style suits your face shape?

I have quite a round face (or moon face as I like to call it)…somewhat Wallace and Gromit like! I am very tall and have quite a long neck so for ages couldn't figure out why shorter necklaces didn't suit me, until I realised it was because of said moon face! So now I'm more inclined to buy dangly earrings and longer necklaces to elongate my neck and moon.

If you're unsure of what face shape you are and which style of necklace suits you , take a selfie and check out this link.

So without further ado here are my favourite finds!


These are the just the most perfect little acorns and there's two of them! I want them I want them I want them.


Whilst knee deep in a Made In Chelsea marathon, being the sadO that I am- I hash tagged MIC on twitter and Lucy Watson's jewellery website popped up ! What a treat, these select pieces founded by the lady herself are really special, I particularly love this frog foot.

I recently came across this designer via their Facebook page and am so glad I did because they make the daintiest necklaces-I've fallen in love with quite a few of them! Sticking to the pinecone/acorn theme...


I know it's very pricey but I think it's stunning and I WISH I had a money tree just for this necklace.

William bought me a Links Mini Belcher Bracelet last Christmas and it hasn't left my wrist since. It goes with everything. I love the simple designs of the Links collections especially their round disc necklaces like this one.

Another Twitter find- Aubergine Fox. There pieces are so beautiful and affordable! I especially love they're Amethyst Druzy necklaces and for all you stationary geeks like me they also make glitter dipped twig pencils ! Who doesn't want a pencil dipped in glitter?! I certainly do. 

I love simple jewellery…can you tell. This one is on the list because of its name….a Sweetie Necklace (also because of the way it looks but mainly it's name)


I have saved the very best for last. Anything and everything by Alex Monroe I would very much like in my jewellery box. I cannot get enough of him, every design is simple, delicate, intricate and I have never known a designer to make an upside-down-gingerbread-man-with-a-bite-out-of-it pendant, nor an asparagus bundle pendant, so…hats of to the guy.

So my winning necklace is…..drum roll please…..


Me and William met working on a ship and it may sound silly but the sailing boat pendant, to me, would be a lovely reminder of all the incredible memories we made sailing around the world.

Everyones favourites will all be different so I hope you've found at least one that you like! Let me know what you think and which your favourites are in the comments, would love your opinions!

Betty x



  1. These are all so gorgeous! fabulous choices! I think the elephant one would be my favourite! great post :)

    1. The elephants are pretty special :) Good choice, Betty x

  2. I love the acorns! They're so cute, and I'm about to go stalk some necklaces, you've gotten me on the hunt for an everyday one as well!
    Ariana // Thoughts Through a Teacup

    1. Aren't they sweet !
      Happy necklace hunting :)
      Betty x


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