Saturday, 10 January 2015

Home Spa Evening // Perfect Pamper Products

Every girl needs a home rescue pamper kit for those times when stresses take there toll. The beginning of a new year especially is an opportune time to sit back and reflect with a great big dollop of mud pack on your face.

…or just every weekend.

I choose every weekend.

So if you're feeling a little stressed, put aside one evening this week to forget about everything and focus on your wellbeing.

1 // The first essential step to your home spa evening which I feel is extremely necessary, is to bake a massive batch of cookies, fill the kettle in preparation and grab as many of your favourite DVD's as possible.

2 // Take a long, steamy bubble bath filled with Lush products and surrounded by delicious smelling candles. My favourites are Diptyque or Lily-Flame Fairy Dust.

3 // There's no better medicine for your skin than to let it breathe and give it a break from all the make-up & potions we plaster onto it. So whilst your relaxing in the comfort of the tub, gently remove your make up with a wipe and soak up all that lovely steam.

4 //  To add a bit of nourishment and shine to your hair, I swear by these VO5 Hot Oil 'give me moisture' treatments. As I'm a tad addicted to my GHD's, my hair tends to dry out quite quickly. Using one of these every fortnight gives my hair that extra shine and sleekness it craves. It only takes 1 minute as it's quite an intensive treatment. So pop one of these in before you finish your bath.

5 // Now in my opinion, these next 2 products are the queens of a home spa pamper night. So whilst sipping your hot choccie and dunking your cookies, take careful note girlys -

DECLEOR // Aroma Dynamic
I first tried this product at a friend's Hen spa weekend at Aqua Sana. The beautician rubbed it into our neck and shoulders and we were in absolute bliss. I suffer from tension headaches a lot so this was my dream product. The only way I can describe it, is that feeling of tiger balm or deep heat where you can actually feel it working deep into your muscles - heating and cooling. So I snapped it up right away. The product itself is mainly for 'tired legs' and aids circulation as well as toning. I prefer it on my neck!

SK II // 3D Refining Mask
I was lucky enough to be given these as a gift from a previous employer and I wish she'd given me more of them! I only have 2 left :( Quick warning though - do not wear these in front of anyone - it's like a horror film! It's an actual 3D mask. 

So snuggle yourself into your duvet, apply these two final products and tuck into your cookies and Bridget Jones. 

You'll be in heaven and all the stresses and strains of the week will have disappeared. 

Enjoy girls!

Betty x 



  1. I really want that Diptique candle, the smell sounds amazing! Great post by the way, full of great products :)

    xo Melane || Pure Perspective

    1. It's such a good smell! I love anything Fig. Thanks Melane, x

  2. Ahhh who did you work with previously? I really want to try the SK11 masks!!!

  3. I found your blog with some different recipes... Now I can't wait to try these too... Thanks for sharing with us.
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