Saturday, 24 January 2015

Swingers London // Mini Golf Pop Up Bar

This would be my ideal first date place - tasty grub, drinks flowing and a competitive sport! Safe to say my friend's reactions were a little confused when I mentioned William & I were going to Swingers London on Thursday night. Not that kind of Swingers (!) I replied.

The Institute of Competitive Socialising...this sounded right up my street before I'd even looked at the website. Now, William & I have been known to get very a little competitive when playing certain games - Monopoly, Table Tennis, Articulate etc. I wouldn't go as far as saying Monopoly almost broke up our relationship, but there was certainly a whole evening of not talking to each other!

Anyway, we swiftly got over that and learnt to curb our competitiveness! So we met our friends at Old Street before heading down a backstreet into a gigantic warehouse full of fellow mini golfers. One half was made up of a 9-hole crazy-golf course and the other, scrumptious street food vendors and cocktail bars. Me and Alice headed straight for a much needed glass of wine whilst the boys tucked into their ciders and ordered our food which was prepared in minutes.

The boys and I went for The Bowler's Gourmet Balls - I had 'Great Balls of Fire'- pork'n'beef meatballs drenched in spicy tomato sauce and cheese with wild rice….mmm it went down a treat! Alice went for the Pizza Pilgrims Margherita which looked stone baked to perfection with huge dough bubbles. The perfect pre tee-off food.

Apologies in advance for my photos, I only had my iPhone with me and the pinky green lights were very hard to edit !

Errrm….something's not quite right there Tim! :)
Alice has the right idea though- wine first, golf second.

We were still together at the end of the night so great success! I have to confess that William did come first though and I was very gracious about it (even though we did let him win…joking!)

Well done William :)  *pat on the back*

It was such a great night and I recommend grabbing tickets whilst it's still in London. It finishes late February and already has a lot of nights sold out so get on their website to book at

Happy putting peeps!

Betty x



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    1. It's definitely worth a visit :) B x

  2. This looks so fun!!


    1. It was it was! This was where i was heading after I saw you! :) x


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