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Top to Toe // Skin Quenchers

Skin Quenchers / moisturisers korres

Let the battle of the dry skin commence! Lads and lasses I want to share with you a few of my skin quenching secrets. If like me you prefer products which your skin drinks up rather than those than sit heavily on your skin, then have a gander at a few of my go-to essentials! My basket full of lotions & potions is pretty stonking, but the few rescue remedy products I use daily rarely change.

My skin type is a little bizarre depending on the area. My legs are without doubt a huge problem area for me- but we'll get onto that in a minute, my face is generally dry especially in the Winter, everywhere else is pretty normal. So I use different products depending on which area of the body it is. This makes life a tad more indulgent but - you have your skin for life and wear it everyday so, treat it well!

So lets hydrate from the top downwards…

Go-To Daytime Face
I'm dreading the day my Sisley All Day All Year day cream runs out, as at £236 I definitely didn't buy this myself. A friend who worked in a spa (very kindly) gave me it with a few other products and it is the smoothest, softest cream I have ever used. If you have the money then I highly recommend investing in a tube of this as it sinks into your skin within seconds, giving a super smooth finish. The day I become a millionaire I will buy a job lot of this stuff. But do not fear! I have a cheaper equivalent…

Skin Quenchers / moisturisers sisley

Less Pennies Go-To Daytime Face
Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is my go-to for nourishing my skin before applying make up. This is a great product for 'a little goes a long way' and leaves a lovely dewey finish to your skin. Boots has it on offer at the moment so grab it quick! I love Nivea's light day cream also & they have a 'sensitive' alternative. I love the simplicity of Nivea, it's mine and my mum's all time favourite.

Skin Quenchers / moisturisers clarins

Delicate Eye Bags
Like a lot of ladies, I wear quite a bit of eye make up and removing this can be a harsh process on the old eye bags creating those dreaded wrinkles! I was lucky enough to have been sent a product from Zuzka which was their Eye Zone Intensive Repair Balm * and let me tell you ladies…this stuff smells like a spa in a pot. I've been using it every night for a month now and it feels like I'm giving my eye bags a well deserved revitalising spa treatment! It's quite an oily product which I usually don't like, but as I only use it before I sleep, it hasn't bothered me and I know that my skin is slowly absorbing the gorgeous Apricot & Jojoba oils contained within to rejuvenate and de-puff them for the next day.

Skin Quenchers / moisturisers zuzka

Smell Like A Dream
I have two favourite products I like to smother my arms/neck/tummy in to make me smell good enough to eat. Penthaligon's Quercus Lotion makes me feel like I smell expensive…if that makes sense…mmm Quercus. My other fave is Korres Body Butter - the Guava which you can find in Oliver Bonas! It's just dreamy, rich and hydrating - all of the good words.

Skin Quenchers / moisturisers penthaligons

Skin Quenchers / moisturisers korres

Go-To Dry Legs
My legs are a nightmare - to put it nicely. I get excruciatingly itchy legs to the point where I've given myself scars, I realise that's a bit gross but I wanted to share in case anyone else suffers the same problem. I have yet to find a long term solution (if anyone knows of any please do share!) but I have found a very good short term solution in Eurax. As soon as I feel a twitch I smother this on and it quells the problem. If my legs are having a calm day, a big old bottle of E45 is my tipple. I could bathe in the stuff - actually I think they do a bath oil!  I stick to the classic Moisturising Lotion and just pump on a couple of squirts to my legs and feet in the morning and my skin drinks the stuff up. I love it because it's no-fuss with no fancy smells or chemicals.

Skin Quenchers / moisturisers e45

Go grab yourself a tub, pot, bottle, tincture(!) of whichever lotions or balms suit your skin types and pamper yourselves pretty!

For more beauty and pampering why not have a home spa evening in tonight with some girlys?

Which are your favourite skin rescue remedies?

Betty x



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