Sunday, 24 April 2016

Sunday Fitness Fix #1

(I know, my socks are offending me too in this picture but William was uber proud of his trainer shot)!

I thought it would be fun to introduce a fitness series to The Betty Stamp so that it means we can all stuff our faces with delicious cake without feeling guily. William's on his way to becoming a fully qualified personal trainer and I'm reaping the rewards of being his guinea pig. I thought I could share some of his workouts with you guys so you can benefit too! Would this be something you would be interested reading about?

I love exercising but I'm one of those gym goers who gets into habits of doing exactly the same exercises every time. By introducing different routines it'll keep workouts fresh and appealing to me and help my body engage muscle groups I didn't even know existed!

William's Fitness Tip of the Week :: Firstly ask yourself, 'What are your outcome goals?' Eg, I want to look & feel good in my wedding dress. To help this become a reality - choose realistic behavioural goals. Eg, I will exercise 4 times a week and make a conscious effort to reduce my heavy carb intake on low/non exercise days. Keep these realistic for you!

WRITE THEM DOWN! And pin them to your fridge, work desk, toilet door even - constant reminders are great motivation. In this day and age, life can get in the way and we often forget what we set out to do a week before!

Perfect example - when these little dudes were distracting me.

My Week #1 Fitness Fix


10 mins cross trainer warm up
5 mins dynamic stretching

x2 20 weighted squats 10kg
40 weighted squat pulses
x2 12 press up renegades
30 scissor leg ab crunches
20 weighted walking lunges
x2 16 sideways walking planks
40 bicycle crunches
x2 8 barbell bicep curls 10kg
20 glute hip thrusts to ceiling on exercise ball
x2 10 overhead barbell press
10 glute kickbacks on each leg
10 fire hydrants on each leg
30 glute pulses (foot to ceiling) on each leg
x2 30 secs weighted russian twists

Stretch and warm down

The reason behind alternating between legs, arms and abs in this workout, is so that it gives that part of the body a chance to recharge whilst the other is working. I found that this particular routine worked well for me and enabled me to focus on technique, however, it may not be to everyone's liking!


I LOVE yoga, I'm not the most flexible person but I feel so calm & warm after I've done it. Give it a try if you enjoy stretching & twisting into fun positions!


Mixture of the Tuesday workout above and BOXING! So much fun, Will wanted to try out his new pads and workout routines for his clients and it was such a great mixture of both cardio & strength training. Also good for getting your week's frustrations out by hitting something!

New Skill this week - Boxing! I've never done that before in my life and it gave me such a good sweat. My heart rate was up and it's going to be a great arm toner for me.

Let me know if you find this helpful and end up incorporating some of these exercises in your weekly fitness routine. Let's get buff together!

Betty x 

Ps if you've worked out hard this week, you should probably reward yourself with a big fat slice of cake like this Crushed Crunchie Marble Cake :)

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  1. Feeling very motivated to hit the gym after work after reading this!!

    1. Yes Lizzie! This makes me happy that it's inspired one person at least :) enjoy your gym sesh x

  2. Completely off topic, but that picture of the ducks all standing in a line is so precious! I love how detailed this post is, definitely very motivating!
    Katie | Words By Katie

    1. hah thanks Katie :) aren't they sweet! (Until they started hissing at me because I got too close) They weren't a fan of the selfies ;) Glad it's motivated you! B x

  3. Sounds like quit a workout :o!! Good luck girl ^__^
    and keep motivated! Xx
    ice pandora

  4. What a great workout routine! Will try it in the gym on Saturday

  5. It is a great website.. The Design looks very good.. Keep working like that!


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