Sunday, 1 May 2016

Sunday Fitness Fix #2

This week has been a seriously chubtastic one. By that I mean I have over indulged in ooey gooey chocolate cake, double birthday cake baking involving a lot of oreos! (post coming next week - it's a ruddy good'un) and basically given myself a flubber layer of fat storage ready for next Winter, fit for a baby seal. Ergo, I have needed to exercise my socks off to balance the cake intake!'s a good challenge for William's PT'ing isn't it! So I'm doing him a favour really ;)

I got some lovely feedback from last week's Sunday Fitness Fix and it's motivated me to exercise even harder this week so I could share some more workouts with you.

William's fitness tip of the week :: Don't be afraid to lift weights - if you avoid weights or resistance training, you might never know your body's full strength capabilities. Even having the confidence to step into the weights area could lead to having more courage in everyday life. Give yourself a nudge outside your comfort zone this week in the gym. Strength/confidence is a great thing in all areas of life and will certainly help us as we all start to clock on the years.

TUESDAY :: Clapham Common Workout with William

5 min jog
Dynamic warm up :: roll downs into press up position x5, spider lunges x10, bodyweight squats x20, walking knee raises x20

Walking lunges x20
Front kick into deep side lunge x20 each leg
Jumping squats x20
Mountain Climbers 30 secs
x2 sets

30 secs Star jumps

30 secs Russian twists
30 secs Full sit ups - arms fully extended
30 secs Side planks with arm twists under belly
x2 sets

1 min jog to tree & back

x15 Press ups (on knees)
x10 Tricep dips on bench
x15 Press up shoulder taps
x2 sets

20 minutes of boxing and jogging

Cool down jogging & throwing a rugby ball :)

WEDNESDAY :: PILATES @ Clapham Leisure Centre

Pilates is something I became hooked on when a physio recommended it after having a vocal massage. I personally hold a lot of tension in my neck and throat and Pilates helps me to focus working deeper core muscles instead of using bad technique holding neck tension. I find I can then apply this when doing more intense strength workouts.

SATURDAY :: Somerset home workout!

Jogged around the village for 15 minutes in the glorious sunshine!
Combination of exercises from Tuesday's workout + boxing in the back garden :) First time this year I've exercised outside without a hoodie on! Summer's on it's way at last!

I hope this has given you some inspiration for getting some fresh air and donning your track pants this week, even if it's just for a 30 minute walk to soak in the sights and get yourself out of the house.

Let me know how you're getting on :)

Betty x

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  1. Oh if my other half was a PT I would LOVE IT! We used to go to Muay Thai together and have sparring sessions in our garden, but as neither of us were particularly good at it we didn't do all that well, so I stick to running on my own now! I have had a chubtastic week too and so hauled myself out of bed the last two mornings for an early run - the things we do for cake eh?

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

    1. It is pretty handy! As otherwise I'd be a lard arse. Ooo Muay thai! I've never heard of that *heads to google* oh wow! that looks awesome! Keep up the running me lady! :) xx

  2. Lifting weights is honestly so key - it's unfortunate that so many women are scared of using them for fear of bulking up which actually causes them to not get the kind of definition and the kind of results they actually really want. And also, all for "chubtastic" weeks - it is so important to also enjoy life and eat the things that make us happy too.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. Completely agree with everything you just said, I genuinely believe you should have a balance between weights & cardio to get toned and in great shape. Hear's to chubtastic weeks also! ;) x

  3. This post is so motivating. I used to lift weights & be super fit, sadly that has dwindled away. I've got the urge to get back on it. After my exams are over it's happening!
    Katie | Words By Katie

    1. I'm glad it's motivated you Katie, thanks for taking time to comment. Good luck for your exams! xx

  4. Ooh this is such a fab idea for a post hun. I'm useless with exercise and hate gyms so this sounds perfect. Bookmarked this workout :)


    1. Super! So glad you've bookmarked it, let me know how it goes :) B xx

  5. I always love getting new inspiration for workouts. I also find Pilates really helpful and I've recently started to go running again. So far I've done a 30 min butt workout this week and I've also gone running twice. xx

    1. mm Pilates is a good stress buster and good on you for the running and butt working! Usually I hate running but I'm learning to love it if I just go at my own steady pace. Keep it up Mira! x


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