Sunday, 28 August 2016

Sunday Fitness Fix #4

After our trip to Krakow where I ate like a baby elephant, I've been on a bit of an exercise kick. I think I've made peace with the fact that I just cannot diet, it's physically impossible for me to look at cake and not eat it's entirety. So there's no point in even trying anymore. I will just gym more, EAT CAKE and be merry.

I've been getting some really encouraging responses from you guys on my 3 other Fitness Fix posts, so I'm hoping they're coming in handy to some of you and you might be trying out some of the workouts, even if it's just taking tit bits of exercise ideas. It's like having workout buddies across the internet!
So here was my week. William gave me a great start of week boost workout for Monday and it was so effective and simple to do, highly recommend!

MONDAY :: Gym Workout

Warm up 10 mins cross trainer with 30 sec sprint intervals every minute

30 secs Plyo box jumps
30 secs straight arm torso twists w/ 5kg plate
30 secs Bosu ball alternating one arm push ups
30 secs Kettlebell tricep extentions slowly!
Tough minute :: Mountain climbers
Repeat all 3 times.

TUESDAY :: Pilates Class :: Clapham Leisure Centre

WEDNESDAY :: TRX Strength & Conditioning Class :: CLC

3 sets of each all on TRX
x10 Pull ups
x10 Push ups
x10 each leg: Back lunge w/ knee lift

2 sets of each on TRX
20 secs mountain climbers
20 secs knee tucks
20 secs pike ups

THURSDAY :: Core Stability Class :: CLC

I really didn't feel up to going to this class this week as Wednesday had killed my arms, but it's my absolute favourite in the whole world and I'm so glad I did. It's a sort of mixture between Pilates, Body Conditioning & Ballet, everything is really slow and controlled in an intense sort of way. My body felt amazing after, still sore but it was good to get the blood pumping instead of being inactive and making my arms even stiffer!

SUNDAY :: Core Stability Class :: CLC (again :) I love it)

Happy working out everyone! If these workouts don't tickle your pickle, try and get out in the fresh air and go for a walk to get the blood pumping. Even if it is just to hunt Pokemon!

Betty x

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  1. Great stuff Betty! I love a good workout week :-)


    1. Thanks R, I felt so good at the end of the week! Not had such a great week this week, but it's Monday tomorrow so! Back to it me thinks :) xx


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