Thursday, 8 September 2016

Oliver Bonas :: Kitchen Wish List

Oliver Bonas Kitchen Wish list The Betty Stamp

IF I won the lottery (which would never happen because I don't even play...sooo lets say instead if a money tree grew in my garden...more likely), firstly I would build at least one gigantic window in my kitchen so that I wouldn't have to take all my bakes outside to photograph(!) and secondly, I would buy the entirety of the Oliver Bonas home section and KIT. MY. KITCHEN. OUT!

I've often left slobber on their windows so I must firstly apologise for that.

I have this picture in my mind of what my dream kitchen would look like, and with every passing Pinterest minute I seem to be adding to it like wildfire. White marble surfaces, shabby wooden cottage doors, those copper dangly giant light bulbs over a massive island!

The reality of my own tiny kitchen with zero natural light and lack of dishwasher (boo) brings me straight back down to earth with a bump on the tush.

So let us dream and drool over these pretty little pieces and hope and pray that my parents see this and buy me it all for Christmas :) :)

So, up top ^^
Copper Pineapple Goblet!
Geometric Teaspoons
Ines Cake Stand
Copper & Blue Hi Ball Cocktail Cup (need!)

Oliver Bonas Kitchen Wish list The Betty Stamp

Copper Recipe Stand
4 Gold Shot Tumblers! (need! although I don't like shots. Just for looking at.)
Marble Cheese Board & Knives Set

Oliver Bonas Kitchen Wish list The Betty Stamp

Newgate Pantry Clock
Metallic Martini Glasses! - Dreamy
Gold Confetti Carafe
White Marble & Copper Tables

Oliver Bonas Kitchen Wish list The Betty Stamp

Fika Hot Chocolate Mug
Citrus Salt & Pepper Shakers - so cute.
Gold Cacti Tumbler

Oliver Bonas Kitchen Wish list The Betty Stamp

Tropical Teaspoons!
Yellow Fika Bowl
Marble & Copper Pestle & Mortar
Mini Watermelon Salt & Pepper Shakers! (obsessed)

Thank you very much Mr Santa Claus and goodnight.

Sooooo I may have a slight obsession. I like to think it's a healthy one though as I haven't yet acted on it...

Have you guys seen the clothes sale items though? I may have accidentally bought this and this. And I really want this...but need that money tree first...

Ok it may be an unhealthy obsession.

Betty x



  1. Those cactus glasses have got my attention! What a great collection.


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