Thursday, 3 November 2016

Emily Victoria :: Salon, Mortlake

A million gazillion years ago when I first started The Betty Stamp, (actually it was my 2 year anniversary a week ago! I should probably bake some sort of this space), I went to visit my dear friend Emily at her brand spanking new salon in Mortlake, South West London and wrote this post about my relaxing, Christmassy experience.

Two years on and Emily Victoria is a buzzing little hub of top quality treatments, complete relaxation and charming personality.  I absolutely love going there, especially during the winter months as you can snuggle up under your towel blanket cocoon and be pampered to the max whilst everyone outside is getting drizzled on :)

I had one of Emily's most popular treatments - the Environ Vitamin Treatment Facial, which was glooorious, my face has never felt so stimulated! I'm not used to having facials so I was a little dubious about the mask but Emily reassured me the entire way through, telling me exactly what she was doing and why.

(Terrifying picture below- that's my Halloween costume sorted!)

Emily informs me that this facial boosts collagen production, reduces fine lines and plumps up the skin- sounds ruddy fabulous to me! I was seriously tempted to get a manicure as well with all her autumnal colours tempting me, look at that delicious pumpkin orange colour!

But I resisted. There's always next time :)

I spotted a massage chair! Ooo I think my next visit will involve snuggling under a blanket in said massage chair whilst having a sparkly Christmas pedi :) dreamy.

Thanks Emily for always sending me on my way with a smile on my face.

Betty x

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