Saturday, 31 January 2015

SNIFFY WIFFY #onlyfoolsdontchecktheirballs

I'm going to be talking boobies and willies - big time. Males/females/transgender- we all have them, but a lot of us don't feel comfortable talking or asking about them, especially when it comes to self-checking.

I wanted to write a post which would help other people to open up and have the conversation about self checking. So if you only do one thing today then let it be reading this very important message!- the first big question:


I certainly didn't have the foggiest idea of how to check myself for lumps and bumps. Many of us are guilty of being too worried/scared/sure-that-we-are-fine-it-won't-happen-to-us, to face the prospect of self checking. Whenever I think about self checking I think of breasts/boobies/jubblies. However, it is equally as taboo a subject within the male population with testicles! Of course the reason we all are so petrified of self checking is because- what if we do find something…what then? The majority of us have seen first or second hand a family member or friend go through the destructive course that breast or testicular cancer can take - so of course we wouldn't want to ever think of ourselves being in that position. But the only way we can give ourselves the smallest chance of preventing this from happening is to start checking ourselves now. Today. Catching it in it's early stages - destroying it before it has a chance to happen to us.

I cannot express how much I was excited by this company I found on Twitter. They should be shouted about from the roof tops!! Well I'm shouting about them from The Betty Stamp(!) so I really hope this message reaches a lot of people - please spread the word.

So storming ahead in first place for my favourite company of the year SNIFFY WIFFY !

Sniffy Wiffy are a family run company on a 'big mission!' to spread the word and knowledge of how to perform a simple breast or testicular examination via their luxurious products. They found the easiest way of performing a self examination is when the skin is slippery and wet, so they've labelled their lotions and potions with a simple, instructive label on both male and female products.

I purchased a massive tub of their body lotion, body scrub and lotion for William also. Their range of scents are phenomenal! From blackcurrant & nettle to cedar wood & black pepper, aloe & cucumber to gingerbread! I went for a fig lotionlemongrass & lime scrub and cedar wood lotion for William…they smell like a dream and there's certainly plenty of it! At £6.50 a 300ml tub you are getting plenty for your money and from using these products for a couple of weeks I've found that the scrub makes your skin soft as butter and the lotion is nice and thick so you don't need too much meaning it will last a lengthy life. Perfect.

Find them on their twitter , facebook or directly via their website

The lady I emailed was an absolute dream to deal with and was so friendly & helpful. She's spreading such an important message and also donates a percentage from each product sale to charity.

Spread the word you lovely people!


Betty x


Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Rosemary Cheddar & Broccoli Scones

A lot of my earliest memories as a tot involve my mum taking me to cafes and letting me share her cheese scone :) It may sound silly but they're such comforting memories and even now when we galavant off for a girly shopping day, we'll head straight to John Lewis for a cheese scone and a cuppa before beginning any kind of retail therapy.

I've been feeling a little under the weather- January's chill has finally caught up with me, so I wanted to bake something homey, buttery and warm to cheer myself up. So with a little improvisation with the Broccoli, a lack of rolling pin and round cutter - I sort of improvised with dough squashing and heart shaped cutters! They tasted delicious regardless!

My scones came out a little flat - I had squashed them too much due to lack of rolling pin so I recommend rolling your dough out to 2cm thick!

What You'll Need //

220g Self Raising Flour
50g Butter
100g Strong Cheddar
20g Broccoli Heads
95ml Milk
1 tsp Baking Powder
Pinch Salt
2 tbsp Dried Rosemary
Pinch Cayenne Pepper

Preheat oven to 190 degrees C with baking tray inside

Step 1
Sift together the flour, cayenne pepper, baking powder & salt. Mix together well. Rub in the butter (cubed) with your fingers.

Step 2
Tip in the grated cheddar (leaving a little for topping) and broccoli heads finely chopped. Mix well.

Step 3
Gradually pour in the milk (leave a little for topping), stirring with a wooden spoon until a soft dough is made. 

Step 4
Flour a surface and roll out the dough to 2cm thick. Cut into shapes of your choice and place on the hot baking tray.

Step 5
Brush the tops with milk and sprinkle on cheddar and rosemary. Bake for 10-15 minutes.

These were my slightly thicker attempt! >>> much better!

Smother these in butter whilst still warm and devour immediately!

Have the loveliest weeks everyone. Hope you're all staying warm and cold-free! These will cheer you up on a rainy day :)

Betty x


Saturday, 24 January 2015

Swingers London // Mini Golf Pop Up Bar

This would be my ideal first date place - tasty grub, drinks flowing and a competitive sport! Safe to say my friend's reactions were a little confused when I mentioned William & I were going to Swingers London on Thursday night. Not that kind of Swingers (!) I replied.

The Institute of Competitive Socialising...this sounded right up my street before I'd even looked at the website. Now, William & I have been known to get very a little competitive when playing certain games - Monopoly, Table Tennis, Articulate etc. I wouldn't go as far as saying Monopoly almost broke up our relationship, but there was certainly a whole evening of not talking to each other!

Anyway, we swiftly got over that and learnt to curb our competitiveness! So we met our friends at Old Street before heading down a backstreet into a gigantic warehouse full of fellow mini golfers. One half was made up of a 9-hole crazy-golf course and the other, scrumptious street food vendors and cocktail bars. Me and Alice headed straight for a much needed glass of wine whilst the boys tucked into their ciders and ordered our food which was prepared in minutes.

The boys and I went for The Bowler's Gourmet Balls - I had 'Great Balls of Fire'- pork'n'beef meatballs drenched in spicy tomato sauce and cheese with wild rice….mmm it went down a treat! Alice went for the Pizza Pilgrims Margherita which looked stone baked to perfection with huge dough bubbles. The perfect pre tee-off food.

Apologies in advance for my photos, I only had my iPhone with me and the pinky green lights were very hard to edit !

Errrm….something's not quite right there Tim! :)
Alice has the right idea though- wine first, golf second.

We were still together at the end of the night so great success! I have to confess that William did come first though and I was very gracious about it (even though we did let him win…joking!)

Well done William :)  *pat on the back*

It was such a great night and I recommend grabbing tickets whilst it's still in London. It finishes late February and already has a lot of nights sold out so get on their website to book at

Happy putting peeps!

Betty x


Thursday, 22 January 2015

Happiest Find // Missguided Sportswear

I just stumbled across the Missguided sportswear collection on Twitter and I'm so glad I did! Have you seen it? It's crammed full of funky designs, colourful leggings and crop tops that will surely make a workout more fun! Anything to distract me from the exercise agony!

I'm having a bit of a get fit/get rid of festive plumpness January, and my washing machine can't really keep up. When I began I had 2 pairs of Nike leggings and 3 crop tops which I'd alternate between and frantically wash after each workout, but what with Primark stepping up its game and jumping on the funky workout clothing bandwagon and now my Missguided find! My washing machine will be able to have a much deserved break!

Plus now I will look uber cool whilst doing my T25 :) (even though I do it in my front room so no one will see). It's also really reasonably priced, with leggings around £15 and sports bras around £10. I'll take the lot - a-thank you!

I shared another 'Happiest Find' post a few weeks ago with my Donna Wilson post and I hope to carry on this tradition so you, my lovely blog amigos, can benefit from them also. 

I hope you enjoy them!

Betty x 


Monday, 19 January 2015

Baked Chorizo Scotch Eggs

Chorizo. Baked. Scotch. Eggs. I mean…as far as eggs go…these are pretty much the king of the eggs.

My mum is the queen of making homemade scotch eggs, always supplying a freshly baked batch when she has people over, along with her homemade sausage rolls (but that's an entirely different post - watch this space). They never fail to go down a storm, so I thought I'd give them a whirl and throw some chorizo into the equation because, well, I loooove chorizo.

Now these are slightly healthier than your average scotch egg as they are baked not fried and do not involve any extra oil. I enjoyed mine with a great big bowl of avocado salad and tzatziki for dipping :)

What You'll Need //

6 quality sausages!
6 eggs
Half a red onion
Chorizo (about the length of your thumb)
Mugful of breadcrumbs
Mugful flour
Salt & pepper
Sprinkling of rosemary

What to do//

Preheat oven to 180 degrees C

Tip: The Scotch egg fairy (my mum) advises to pre-make your sausage meat the day before to give it chance to cool in the fridge. I however forgot this step, cooled it in the fridge for 15 minutes, got bored of waiting and carried on making them. They still tasted scrummy, my mum's a wise owl though…so it's up to you really.

Bring a saucepan of water to the boil and lower in 5 of your eggs. Boil for 5 minutes, remove and place in a bowl of cold water before peeling and leaving to one side.

Finely chop and lightly fry your red onion for 2-3 minutes. Leave in a mixing bowl to cool.

Preparing the saucissons! This is the fun bit :) Push the sausage meat out of each sausage skin and dispose of the skins…nobody wants to look at those! Either by hand or in a food processor, mix the sausage meat with your onion, chopped chorizo, salt & pepper and rosemary.

Lightly roll your eggs in some flour. Make 5 flat round discs of sausage meat and wrap securely around each egg.

Now you need 3 stations. First a bowl of flour to dip each scotch egg into. Secondly- beat your final egg in a separate bowl and dip your scotch eggs in. Thirdly, a bowl full of breadcrumbs to roll & cover your eggs in.

Place on a gridded baking tray (I'm not sure of the technical name but one like this) and bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes. I advise using one with a grid as a lot of oil comes out of the sausage meat, so this will avoid your scotch eggs sitting in their own oil (I made this mistake)

I hope yours turn out tasty! William was chief taster and was very impressed - his face resembled that of a Cheshire cat.

Happy baking!

Betty x


Tuesday, 13 January 2015

ASOS // Wishlist

I adore Asos. But is anyone else's relationship with Asos like this ? ...

Fill basket with everything I fancy - whittle it down to 5 items - never end up hitting the 'checkout' button due to shopping guilt - delete basket….

Until suddenly the Asos craving hits a week later and I end up buying the entire website.


Anybody? It's like the little 'angel // devils' on my shoulders are having a huge domestic every time of- 'do I really need this // well no I don't but it's just too irresistible and I can always send it back!'

So here's my ASOS wish list basket compiled over the last few days … hopefully I'll end up clicking 'checkout' on a few of these because they are all truly to die for.

Pictured Above

Some seriously gorgeous pieces, all of which I'd like in my wardrobe this instant. 

My favourite piece has got to be the black silk playsuit. Playsuits are my all time favourite thing to wear, they're just so darn comfy! And this one you could easily dress up or down with a chunky necklace or a splash of colour with the clutch and shoes. Or just keep it classic and black. 

All of the items in the profile picture are top of my list also…those shoes!

Which are your favourites?

Betty x 


Saturday, 10 January 2015

Home Spa Evening // Perfect Pamper Products

Every girl needs a home rescue pamper kit for those times when stresses take there toll. The beginning of a new year especially is an opportune time to sit back and reflect with a great big dollop of mud pack on your face.

…or just every weekend.

I choose every weekend.

So if you're feeling a little stressed, put aside one evening this week to forget about everything and focus on your wellbeing.

1 // The first essential step to your home spa evening which I feel is extremely necessary, is to bake a massive batch of cookies, fill the kettle in preparation and grab as many of your favourite DVD's as possible.

2 // Take a long, steamy bubble bath filled with Lush products and surrounded by delicious smelling candles. My favourites are Diptyque or Lily-Flame Fairy Dust.

3 // There's no better medicine for your skin than to let it breathe and give it a break from all the make-up & potions we plaster onto it. So whilst your relaxing in the comfort of the tub, gently remove your make up with a wipe and soak up all that lovely steam.

4 //  To add a bit of nourishment and shine to your hair, I swear by these VO5 Hot Oil 'give me moisture' treatments. As I'm a tad addicted to my GHD's, my hair tends to dry out quite quickly. Using one of these every fortnight gives my hair that extra shine and sleekness it craves. It only takes 1 minute as it's quite an intensive treatment. So pop one of these in before you finish your bath.

5 // Now in my opinion, these next 2 products are the queens of a home spa pamper night. So whilst sipping your hot choccie and dunking your cookies, take careful note girlys -

DECLEOR // Aroma Dynamic
I first tried this product at a friend's Hen spa weekend at Aqua Sana. The beautician rubbed it into our neck and shoulders and we were in absolute bliss. I suffer from tension headaches a lot so this was my dream product. The only way I can describe it, is that feeling of tiger balm or deep heat where you can actually feel it working deep into your muscles - heating and cooling. So I snapped it up right away. The product itself is mainly for 'tired legs' and aids circulation as well as toning. I prefer it on my neck!

SK II // 3D Refining Mask
I was lucky enough to be given these as a gift from a previous employer and I wish she'd given me more of them! I only have 2 left :( Quick warning though - do not wear these in front of anyone - it's like a horror film! It's an actual 3D mask. 

So snuggle yourself into your duvet, apply these two final products and tuck into your cookies and Bridget Jones. 

You'll be in heaven and all the stresses and strains of the week will have disappeared. 

Enjoy girls!

Betty x 

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