Wednesday, 16 September 2015

'Before I Sail' Wishlist

The Betty Stamp is going into re vamp mode, I'm setting sail on the big blue for 5 months and will have zero access to my kitchen :( Boo hiss boo. BUT before I / you get my / your knickers in a twist, I'm going to be travelling and exploring the delicious delicacies of Mexico, Hawaii, Peru, Tonga, Samoa, NZ, Oz, Bali, Java, you name it, and I plan on snapping and stealing recipes from these stunning countries to share with you beautiful people.

I have 12 days left in the UK …. 12! (AH) so am trying to cram as much in as possible, splitting my time between family in Somerset, William in Leeds and friends in London. So much to do! So I thought I'd have a wishlist brain storm as you might like to take part in some of these shenanigans too!

Kiss Me Kate
To watch William in Opera North's Kiss Me Kate. If it's half as incredible as Carousel last year, I know I will be sobbing. One of my favourite things to do = watch William perform. He's magical and mesmerising (not that I'm bias…)

Birthday Cake
Baking my brother the best birthday cake he ever did see! And snuggling with my family for an entire weekend before I say some teary goodbyes.

La Boheme ENO
I'm gutted I'll miss this but if you've never been to the London Coliseum nor heard any Puccini then this is your Winter ticket. You only need listen to the recorded clips on the website to fall in love with the stunning voices of Corinne Winters & Zach Borichevsky. I'm currently sat in Costa plugged in, covered in goose bumps. Plus their new contemporary version is in English - you have no excuses!

Harry Potter World
My brother's birthday present to me - boy does he know me well. The thought of going next week is filling me with so much childish giddiness I can hardly contain myself. To wear a lightning bolt on my head or not to wear a lightning bolt on my head…that is the question…

I plan on watching as many series on Neflix as physically possible before I venture into the land of zero wifi and foreign lands. Orange is the New Black is ticked off, Mr Selfridge and Sons of Anarchy are next on my list. Hand me the popcorn!

Bikini Shopping
Pretty self explanatory…I haven't worn a bikini yet this year, (hello crash diet). I started my collection with this block one from River Island and I loooove it. Thank you and grassy ass River Island.

Happy hump day all! Let me know if there's any adventures you think I should cram into my list.

Betty x

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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

'Made With Love by Betty' Gingerbread Biscuits

The Betty Stamp Lifestyle Blog Gingerbread Men Recipe

Gosh and golly I have MISSED my kitchen!

What makes it even more the sweeter is that my new flatmate is an OCD cleaner and has rearranged all my cupboards so that they make sense! Thanking you kindly new flatmate.

I have been waiting months to use my new rolling pin which, as you can see is the bee's knees! (Thank you Scout and Megan <3) You can find these babies on Not On The High Street

The Betty Stamp Lifestyle Blog Gingerbread Men Recipe

Dare I say it...the weather is turning and I need to cram in as much comfort food as possible before I set sail again to scorching countries. I'm going to be missing winter and cold Christmas' again which means missing out on my favourite belly warming foods. You can't get much more wintery than cinnamon & ginger, so here are my 'slightly early' Gingerbread men & heart biscuits made with love :)

What You'll Need //

220g plain flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
Pinch salt
2 tsp ground ginger
2 tsp cinnamon
75g butter/margarine
75g soft brown sugar
3 tbsp golden syrup

Makes approx 22 depending on cutter size

The Betty Stamp Lifestyle Blog Gingerbread Men Recipe

The Betty Stamp Lifestyle Blog Gingerbread Men Recipe

Oh...these 3 got stuck together so I had to eat them all in one go...

What to do //

Preheat oven to 160 degrees and line 2 baking trays with greaseproof paper
Sift flour, baking powder, salt, ginger and cinnamon into a mixing bowl.
In a saucepan on a low heat, warm the butter, sugar and syrup until all melted.
Pour the heated liquid into the mixing bowl and mix well to form a soft dough.

The Betty Stamp Lifestyle Blog Gingerbread Men Recipe

Lightly dust a clean surface with flour, knead dough lightly and roll out to about 3mm thick.

The Betty Stamp Lifestyle Blog Gingerbread Men Recipe

Cut into shapes and and bake in oven for 12 minutes.

Tip: Don't be fooled if they don't feel hard when they come out the oven, it's the syrup in them. Leave them to cool and they will harden.

The Betty Stamp Lifestyle Blog Gingerbread Men Recipe

The Betty Stamp Lifestyle Blog Gingerbread Men Recipe

Happy biscuiting!

Don't forget your cuppa for dunking :)

Betty x


Friday, 28 August 2015

11 Mouth Watering Recipe Blogs

The Betty Stamp Recipe Blogs

It's been a summer stuffed with sunshine, Shakespeare and singing, meaning my work / life balance has been thrown slightly out of kilter and I've neglected my lovely blog :( But I've missed it too much and will be making a vow to blog my socks off even whilst I'm away from home. 

In between touring the stunning countryside of Kent performing in castle grounds, Himilayan gardens and even vineyards(!) I found so much happiness in recipe stalking and drooling over what could be if I were back in my own kitchen. 

My stalking generally occurs around midnight, just to torment my tummy and leave me dreaming of quadruple chocolate fudge cookies or rustic home baked breads topped with 5 types of parmesan and rosemary….mmm bread. 

So I thought, whilst I can't blog about my own recipes, I'll share other peoples :)

Ergo - here's my tantalising top 11 recipe blogs of August. 

Molly should be given awards for her food photography…it's out of this world and her recipes are seriously something special.
Personal fave : Mini Pumpkin Loaf Cakes

I hand on heart would like to make and devour every single recipe that Kirsty posts. They all look so heavenly.
Personal Fave : Mexican Chilli Quinoa Bake

Cookie Dough Dip… need I say more.

Now, I have extreme life envy of Carli who owns the gorgeous Olde Young Tea House in Teeside and her instagram will no doubt leave you drooling for hours. Those cakes….jeeeeez.
Personal Fave : Crunchy Carrot Cake

If you're a fan of all things deliciously veggie/vegan then Dana & John are your peeps. I would turn for them. Their recipes always look fresh and full of flavour.
Personal Fave : Easy Vegan Falafel  mmm falafel

I need everything on Ali's blog in my mouth….stat. The colours and creativity of her food make you salivate before you can say spicy cucumber margarita
Personal Fave : Chimichurri Shrimp or French Onion Dip OH I can't decide! 

The most cooked recipe in my kitchen is Rosie's Chicken Noodle Soup. I must have made it at least 50 times. Perfect healthy comfort food. And then to counteract your healthiness, you should probably bake a batch of her slutty brownies 
Personal Fave : Chicken Noodle Soup

I love eggs. Eggs. Eggs. Eggs. Down in my belly. Surprisingly scrumptious recipes using my favourite food item. From making a Lemon Meringue Pie to how long to boil an egg for, all egg angles are covered :) Do I want to say egg one more time...
Personal Fave : Minted Pea and Pancetta Quiche cooorrrrrr

I just think this is the best recipe blog idea and makes cooking with your partner much simpler. It also means the fodder is in your belly faster!
Personal Fave : Creme Egg Brownies

Not technically a recipe blog but I recently baked her chocolate cookies…and let me tell you…they were pheNOMenal. Nom nom nom. 
Personal Fave : Choc Cookies

I'm a self confessed sugar addict. Therefore, understandibly I'm addicted to Jamie's dreamy dessert drenched blog.
Personal Fave : Smore's Cookie Cups

Well there you are, my tummy is now rumbling and I have a box of French Fancies in my cupboard so…ya know. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

What are your favourite recipe/baking blogs folks? I need more food porn!

Betty x


Wednesday, 27 May 2015

An Afternoon Tea Affair

The Betty Stamp Lifestyle Blog Afternoon Tea

What springs to mind when mentioning a typically tempting, indulgent British afternoon? For me it's spending quality time down in Somerset with my family, treating ourselves to a long overdue catch up whilst stuffing our chops full of clotted cream scones and mini cakelets! (Yes I have just made up the word cakelets…I'm going to roll with that one, I rather enjoy it)

So that is exactly what we did!

And we all know how much I love a girly afternoon tea!

But not just the one afternoon tea this time, no siree! We only went and had two! Not on the same day though - that would have just been plain greedy (!)

The Betty Stamp Lifestyle Blog Afternoon Tea

The Betty Stamp Lifestyle Blog Afternoon Tea

Our weekend kicked off with a sunny afternoon strolling around Bath, sipping frothy cappuccinos and window shopping for goodies. Followed by a couple of treatments at The Macdonald Spa Hotel - me a deep tissue massage (bliss) and mum a pedicure for her twinkle toes. 

We sun'd ourselves silly whilst munching finger sarnies, freshly baked warm scones, Bath buns (which were a revelation! Like a mini doughnut bun filled with sugar), mini eclairs topped with blueberries & choccie buttons(!), fruit boats and mini jars of lemon meringue cheesecake.

Actual heaven. 

The Betty Stamp Lifestyle Blog Afternoon Tea

The Betty Stamp Lifestyle Blog Afternoon Tea

The Betty Stamp Lifestyle Blog Afternoon Tea

And yes, that is a chocolate mousse with a base of coco pops, topped with honeycomb and raspberry! Nom nom nom. 

The hotel itself was stunning, covered in blossoming wisteria and set in the most beautiful grounds - within walking distance of Bath city centre but far enough away from the buzz to be in utter peace and tranquility. 

The Betty Stamp Lifestyle Blog Afternoon Tea

My beautiful mama :)

The Betty Stamp Lifestyle Blog Afternoon Tea

The Betty Stamp Lifestyle Blog Afternoon Tea

Safe to say we didn't want to leave. Luckily we had another one to look forward to! Such piglets.

Our second, Sunday afternoon tea took place at the beautiful Mount Somerset Hotel near Taunton. This was a whole family affair as my brother and I bought it for mum & dad as a present way back when. As the sun decided to go into hiding on Sunday, we snuggled into the cosy armchairs,  nearly fell asleep  and supped our various choices of tea leaves whilst gassing and giggling over another mountain of munch! 

Such a civilised and treat-filled weekend! Made even better by the fact that it was spent with my 3 favourite people in the world. And what topped my weekend off with a cherry, was having my other favourite person waiting to greet me when I got back to London! Fresh off the Carousel tour and ready with cuddles :) and blueberry banana bacon pancakes!!!

Do we think I need to diet this week…..perhaps a little.

But then again... :)

Betty x


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Baby Kale, Pea and Gruyere Dip!

The Betty Stamp Lifestyle Blog Pea Kale Gruyere Dip Recipe

Long gone are the days of cosy winter warming soups, belly busting lasagnes and sizzling stews. Summer is fast approaching and my tummy is preparing itself for all the delicious smokey BBQ'd meats and salady summer cuisines in store!

Time to dive nose deep into recipe books and get experimenting with some refreshing seasonal ingredients for said BBQ's!

I've been ogling the Florette website as they do some great summer salad recipes ! I got extremely excited that they now do bags of baby kale! (I know - I'm a sad-o)

I really liked the sounds of their baby kale, pea and gruyere dip! So I've put my own little twists here and there to the recipe to suit my taste buds and made a big ol' batch to dunk my pitta into!

It's bloody delicious (if I may say so myself) and only takes 10 minutes to make!

The Betty Stamp Lifestyle Blog Pea Kale Gruyere Dip Recipe

What You'll Need //

Half bag of baby kale
250g frozen peas
50g Gruyere cheese
Juice of half a lemon
1 clove garlic
Tsp salt
2 tbsp of natural yogurt


Into a food processor throw all your ingredients….and blitz!

Done. That's it…

Toasting your pitta probably takes longer than the entire making of the dip!

The Betty Stamp Lifestyle Blog Pea Kale Gruyere Dip Recipe

Chop up some carrots, cucumber, peppers - whatever tickles your pickle and get stuck in. Summery goodness in a bowl!

What are your favourite BBQ side dishes? I'd love your input so I can create some summery posts tailored to you lovely people.

Betty x


Thursday, 14 May 2015

Salted Chocolate Popcorn Crispy Cakes!

The Betty Stamp Lifestyle Blog Popcorn Salted Chocolate Rice Crispy Cakes

You know that feeling of utter joy when you forget you've made something the night before and open your fridge the morning after… yeah that.


That was my breakfast sorted. Sweet yet salty, chocolatey, sticky marshmallowy yumminess! These babies are the easy peasiest treat to whip up in less than 20 minutes.

And lets face it, who doesn't love the humble rice crispy cake. (If you answered 'me' to said question, we need to have some serious words)

The Betty Stamp Lifestyle Blog Popcorn Salted Chocolate Rice Crispy Cakes

I used to love making rice crispy cakes with my mum and cornflake nests at Easter! If there's chocolate involved…I'm there with bells on. 

I've always been a 'sweet' popcorn lover - strongly opposed to salty popcorn, but by using sweet and salted popcorn with these cakes, it helps to cut through the sweetness and makes them even scrummier me thinks.

What You'll Need //

Rice crispies
1 big bar of dark chocolate
1 bag of sweet'n'salty popcorn
1 tbsp golden syrup
Mini marshmallows
Cupcake cases

Makes approximately 24 cakes

The Betty Stamp Lifestyle Blog Popcorn Salted Chocolate Rice Crispy Cakes

The Betty Stamp Lifestyle Blog Popcorn Salted Chocolate Rice Crispy Cakes


Break up your chocolate into squares and, along with a handful of marshmallows, place in a bowl smaller than your saucepan. Boil the kettle and carefully pour the boiling water into your saucepan until 1/4 full. Do not turn hob on!

Place your bowl of choccie & marshmallows into the boiling water and leave to melt giving the occasional prod & stir.

The Betty Stamp Lifestyle Blog Popcorn Salted Chocolate Rice Crispy Cakes

Into a large mixing bowl pour your melted chocolate, golden syrup and add as much popcorn and rice crispies as you like! Give it all a good stir and keep adding rice crispies until you're happy :)

The Betty Stamp Lifestyle Blog Popcorn Salted Chocolate Rice Crispy Cakes

Place your cupcake cases into a cupcake tray and generously fill with your heavenly choccie mixture. Decorate with a few more marshmallows because…why the hell not and leave to set in the fridge (or don't…I snuck at least 2 before bed time)

The Betty Stamp Lifestyle Blog Popcorn Salted Chocolate Rice Crispy Cakes

The Betty Stamp Lifestyle Blog Popcorn Salted Chocolate Rice Crispy Cakes

Enjoy mi amigos!

Me and my girlyfriends are going for a spa afternoon on Saturday so guess what I'll be supplying them with :)

Also, did you see La Coco Noire's blog post about making my Gooey Banoffee Cookies ?! I was seriously flattered. What a gem.

Betty x


Monday, 4 May 2015

Oliver Bonas // Wish List

Oliver Bonas Wish list clothes furniture copper glassware The Betty Stamp

This shop does bad things to me…in the best way possible.

I become like a magpie ogling every item, EVERY item. There isn't a single thing in Oliver Bonas which I do not want.

Anyone else feel the same?

Everything is just so quaint and beautiful, if only my house could be this entire shop, then my life would be complete.

Recently it's been their new metallic collection which I've been drooling over when I walk past. The copper honeycomb champagne flutes in particular. Dreamy.

Oliver Bonas Wish list clothes furniture copper glassware The Betty Stamp

And don't even get me started on this copper 'B' initial. I would put it on top of that copper table and illuminate it with the copper lamp!! …too much?

Oliver Bonas Wish list clothes furniture copper glassware The Betty Stamp

I accidentally bought a couple of these watermelon cups because I just couldn't resist. I know I probably look like a 5 year old when drinking out of it but…I don't give two hoots. It's so cute! And how lovely is this blue and yellow floral astrid jug? I would fill it with sun flowers! Or Pimms… :)

Oliver Bonas Wish list clothes furniture copper glassware The Betty Stamp

I've mentioned this really cute French bulldog dress in a previous post and have still yet to try it on *slaps wrist* oooooh my gosh and golly it's in the sale! Right I don't care about trying it on, I'm buying it online. Oops, I may have added Patricia Panda to the basket also…and these striped shorts. Don't judge me I LOVE THEM!

Oliver Bonas Wish list clothes furniture copper glassware The Betty Stamp

My all time favourite items in Oliver Bonas have always been their range of colourful suitcases and if I had all the money in the world I would pile them up exactly like this picture and use it as a bedside table. How gorgeous are the pastel colours as well? And those chairs…especially the dusty pink one…*drool*

Oliver Bonas Wish list clothes furniture copper glassware The Betty Stamp

If only I had a money tree…

For now I'll stick to my cute animal clothes & watermelon cups and very soon (it might take a few years) my house will be as beautiful as the OB store!

What are your favourite bits and bobs in Oliver Bonas?

Betty x


Saturday, 2 May 2015

10 Favourites // April Edition

Drip drip drop little April showers…la la la does anyone actually know the rest of the words? Because I don't. Well I've been a busy B this month keeping myself amused whilst William is rehearsing up north. Highlights being- spending quality time with my bezzie who's back from tour, baking to my heart's content and I got a job! <3

Song of the month: Friday I'm In Love - The Cure

Filling my freezer with mint Cornettos during that mini heat wave YUM.

Being cast in The Two Gentlemen of Verona and Hay Fever! I'm super excited and will keep you all updated when I start rehearsals in June :)

A FIRST - a lovely fellow blogger La Coco Noire has written a whole post about one of my recipes. I was touched and so happy she loved her Gooey Banana Cookies as much as I loved mine! Thanks Katie <3

The Betty Stamp had its Half birthday! 6 months of blogging and still loving every minute. I feel some sort of celebratory cake recipe coming on...

Attacking my over grown garden. It's like therapy - de weeding, mowing the lawn, now I want to cover it in pretty flower pots & orange trees for the summer and grow a little herb garden.

Being treated to a hair cut, colour and manicure at Gielly Green! I felt very pampered. The hair wash chairs are like beds! And the Essie polish I ended up buying because I loved the colour so much - Maximillion strasse-her.

Being able to be in the same room as my bezzie. Supping on pimms in the sunshine and having a well needed gas. She's never allowed to work abroad ever again. I've put my foot down.

Singing at the Epsom races with The Dukebox Singers and rehearsing in preparation for the Derby & ladies day. Come say hello if you're going!

Easter! Everything about Easter was lovely - up in York with William's family eating ALL of the choccie, ALL of the roast lamb and proper Yorkshire puds :) Also receiving my Lindt bunny from Mandy at One Slice of Lemon blog. What a sweetie.

Yummy brunch at No.32 in Clapham Old Town. If you're a London bunny then you must check it out, complete with twinkly roof terrace which will be glorious in the summer time.

What have been your favourite moments of April lovely people?

For last month's 5 faves have a peak over here :)

Betty x

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