Sunday, 29 May 2016

The Food Sauce :: Pop Up Brekkie

To brunch or not to brunch,  that is the question.

Is anyone's answer to this ever no?

Because, if the prospect of leisurely munching your way through two-meals-in-one into the wee hours of the afternoon doesn't fill you with giddiness, then I'm afraid we can no longer be pals.

One person who is my new pal though is Colin from The Food Sauce. A couple of weeks ago I received an invitation from Colin asking if William and I wanted to attend a pop up brunch event at The Salad Kitchen and of course the answer was a big fat yes!
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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

White Chocolate & Blackberry Crumble Cake

White Chocolate & Blackberry Crumble Cake The Betty Stamp

I baked a cake that wouldn't fit in our fridge.

So we had to eat it all.

And eat it all we did :)
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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Against The Grain Food Market :: Camden

Usually I blink and miss things on Twitter but last week something caught my eye that made me pen a date in the diary - not even pencil, immediately penned in!

I love food markets. LOVE. So when I saw Camden Market was hosting a gluten free food market - Against The Grain, I was all of a flutter.
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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Lazy Breakfast Smoothie :: SOTW #2

I've had the laziest Sunday morning and it has been glorious. No regrets. Yesterday I was in a hormonal grump, only cheered up by sitting oneself outside and having a quiet word with oneself. Oh, and visiting my best buddy, getting tipsy on pink wine and Indian take away. Yes I was drunk off of Indian take away. Food comatose'd and tiddly. So my tummy hasn't been too happy with me today!

I needed a little pick me up and realised I hadn't done a Smoothie of the week post in quite some time - perfect. My belly needed some TLC, so I could kill two birds with one stone.

My first smoothie of the week was a Belly Busting Detox Smoothie which kicked arse. Perfect vitamin C boost or hangover cure if you've had one too many sherbets the night before.

This is more of a soothing breakfast alternative packed full of oats, banana, mint and more to give you a slow release of energy throughout the morning. Or, if you're like me you had a lazy lie in, a slow release of energy throughout midday. Oops.
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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Engagement Cupcakes

I will find any excuse to bake cupcakes. Yes siree. But isn't it the best when a celebration presents itself as a legitimate excuse instead.

One of my best friends just got engaged! That's two Emilys in one month! So much baking to do :) I thought I ought to try something new, so I made my first ever attempt at piping! I was pleased as punch with how it turned out. What do you think?? If you follow my Instagram you'll have seen the frosting evolving - it was a magical moment. 

William must have approved because I turned my back for five seconds and he was piping the leftover frosting straight into his mouth, with my flatmate licking the bowl. Animals.

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Sunday, 8 May 2016

5 Feel Good Sunday Blog Reads

Oh glorious sunshine, you make me so much more productive! (That, and the hangover brekkie I've just devoured). I've de-weeded the jardin, baked engagement cupcakes, super glued my Harry Potter world Muggle mug back together (you know you have a cupboard full of 50 mugs but you always use the same one - yep, imagine smashing that one...distraught) and finally got round to playing with my new cake piping kit(!) GREAT SUCCESS! You can see the end result on my Instagram, ooo boy oh boy I can't wait to share my scrummy cupcake recipe next week. I was chuffed as a chocolate frog!

After reading some cracking blog posts this week, I thought I'd get into the habit of writing a post every now and again sharing my favourite finds so you lot can add to your reading lists too. #spreadthebloglove
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Friday, 6 May 2016

Birthday Cake #2 Fresh Strawberry Cake

Sooo the reason I decided to start writing fitness posts on The Betty Stamp was to counteract the cake consumption associated with a baking blog. But now that I've decided to bake two birthday cakes on the trot I'm a little unsure as to where that leaves me....

It probably leaves me in dire need of running marathons to work off the calories.
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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Birthday Cake #1 Crushed Oreo Cake :: ft The Magic Baking Tin

Whoever invented the Oreo was a ruddy clever human with impeccable taste in biscuits *heads to google* Sam Porcello! I salute you Mr Porcello!

Not to blow my own trombone or anything (that is exactly what I'm about to do) but I baked two birthday cakes this weekend and they were up there with the tastiest cakes I've made so far (mainly due to the freakishly fantastic frosting!) The winner still being the Crushed Crunchie Marble Cake, but I've found that if you whack an Oreo on anything you're bound to win hearts. And more to the point, if you combine an Oreo with buttercream.....well, taste buds are guna be a-tingling!
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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Sunday Fitness Fix #2

This week has been a seriously chubtastic one. By that I mean I have over indulged in ooey gooey chocolate cake, double birthday cake baking involving a lot of oreos! (post coming next week - it's a ruddy good'un) and basically given myself a flubber layer of fat storage ready for next Winter, fit for a baby seal. Ergo, I have needed to exercise my socks off to balance the cake intake!'s a good challenge for William's PT'ing isn't it! So I'm doing him a favour really ;)
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