Friday 13 February 2015

13 Naughty Valentines Recipes

Valentine's day is very much like Marmite. Whilst some prefer to tuck into a tub of Ben and Jezzers and ignore the pink, fluffy, Hallmark holiday all together, others bask in its romantic, balloon filled, teddy bear giving, chocolatey sweetness and decide to make a treasure hunt for their boyfriend ending with themselves jumping out of a cardboard box in the buff. (I'm actually going to do that but without the naked ending(!)…don't tell William shh)

Are you a lover or a hater?

Well…I guess you're not a hater if you're reading this lovey dovey filled post! So WELCOME ALL YOU LOVERS ! Or as we say where I'm from in Somerset - 'mee luvveerrrrrrrs'

I've been keeping a beady eye on all you little minxes who have been baking up a storm in preparation for the big day, so thought I'd share 13 of my favourite naughty-but-nice recipes on my fave blogs to help with some bake-spiration. Val-spiration?


*These cupcakes have been tried and tested. Guaranteed snog!*

Have the most love-filled Valentine's Days everyone. Even if the only men in your life are Ben & Jerry, your dad and your dog Jeff.

Enjoy these naughty recipes <3

How are you spending your Valentine's? Me and Will-i-am are heading to The Fentiman Arms in Oval for dinner and I'm making him a treasure hunt around my flat with clues in the form of Limericks to find little hidden prezzies :) Wow I'm so lame, I just heard that out loud.

Betty x

please note these are not my recipes or photos (apart from the Terry's cupcakes…ironically :) #theyrenotTerrystheyremine), all links to each lovely blog & recipe are below each pic!



  1. Nom nom nom nom!!

    Happy Valentine's Day Betty!!


    1. Thanks pea pod :) Happy Valentines to you and the fiancé <3 xx

  2. Oh Betty I almost spat my drink out reading about the treasure hunt ending with an 'in the buff surprise' followed by "I'm actually going to do that!". (Until I read on and you retracted the aforementioned buffness!!). These all look gorgeous. I've totally missed being able to do them on Valentine's Day... but that won't stop me giving some of these a go, after all, no need to wait another year eh? Hope you had a lovely day xx

    1. There's always time for cookies and cake! Whatever the weather or day! :) Haha glad it tickled your pickle, Betty x

  3. Oh wow! these look fantastic!
    Thanks for making me want all the chocolate on my diet ;)
    Elephant stories and more

  4. There are soooo many great ideas here I don't know where to start! I'm gonna make some of these for my parents 25th wedding anniversary :) how exciting! Thanks for the brilliant ideas, I just followed you on blog lovin', could you possibly pop over to my blog and become a member (blogger follow)? Would really appreciate it! thanks, Han xx

    1. Thanks Hannah, I tried to but it said there was an error? So I've followed you on google+ xx

  5. I can imagine me eating all that by myself haha they look amazingly delicous.


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