Saturday 21 March 2015

The Duck and Waffle // London

Duck and Waffle London Restaurant Review The Betty Stamp

I'm quite a vocal eater - if I'm enjoying my food you will definitely know about it and I think every diner in The Duck and Waffle knew about it! I'm not quite sure how many times I said 'nom nom nom' or 'oh my god' with every succulent mouthful of the delectable cuisine that was placed in front of me, but it was verging on too many! It was the only conversation William could get out of me.

I cannot recommend this restaurant enough, it really is the whole package. I'd been looking forward to it for weeks and it really didn't disappoint on any level. With it being situated on the 40th floor and being the Gherkin's next door neighbour, it hosts the most stunning views over London. Although I have to admit, my favourite part of the view was riding the glass elevator up! (Now I know what Charlie must have felt like in the Chocolate Factory)

Duck and Waffle London Restaurant Review The Betty Stamp

We ate quite early at 5pm as it was either then or 11pm, but it ended up being ideal as it meant we got a great table right by the window and the food was served swiftly. I have to say also, our waiter was one of the loveliest people I've ever been waited on by! He made the whole evening so pleasant and relaxing. Thank you!

Duck and Waffle London Restaurant Review The Betty Stamp

So lets get onto the grub! Actually, I can't call it grub because it deserves more than that…the fine feast! That's more apt. We were advised to order 1 or 2 of the 'small plates' to share and 1 main course each, so we did as we were told :) Although in hind sight, the portions were so generous that I would have happily just had the main, but that would have meant missing out on the deliciousness that was the Scotch Bhadji!

Duck and Waffle London Restaurant Review The Betty Stamp

Duck and Waffle London Restaurant Review The Betty Stamp

This sphere of flavour and Cumberland sausage-y yumminess with a crispy Indian onion bhadji twist was out of this world! With a perfectly runny egg inside and a sweet caramelised onion sauce and houmous as an accompaniment, we were in heaven. Dunking our steamy rosemary & garlic bread in as we went.

Duck and Waffle London Restaurant Review The Betty Stamp

Our bellies were content.

We both had our hearts set on the signature Duck and Waffle main ever since we made the reservation, although we were almost swayed by the Whole Roasted Shropshire Chicken to share with ratte potatoes, wild mushrooms and Umbrian truffles. I'm chuffed that we stuck to our guns though because I can honestly say the Duck and Waffle was the most exquisite dish of food I have ever devoured. And devour it I did. I coated my crispy duck, fried duck egg and waffle in the sweet maple mustard sauce provided and happily chomped away at each succulent mouthful with a 'nom nom' in-between each.

Duck and Waffle London Restaurant Review The Betty Stamp

Duck and Waffle London Restaurant Review The Betty Stamp

The only way I can describe it is like a breakfast and dinner in one. I would never have put this food combination together myself but it worked wonderfully! My tummy and taste buds were as happy as can be!

I tried to resist the urge of a pudding, but as Raphael the waiter rightly said - everyone has two stomachs, one of them especially reserved for pudding! So we caved, just in time for the twinkly night lights of London to begin emerging in the darkness, and tucked into our trio of sorbets - toffee apple, raspberry and white peach…mmm. I honestly don't know where I fitted it.

I've lived in London since 2009 now and The Duck and Waffle has got to be up there as one of my top 3 restaurants I've been to in the big smoke. I'll be back again soon with my eating trousers on!

Have you been to The Duck and Waffle before? What do you recommend me ordering next time? (Although I would happily order the same) Next time I want the dates wrapped in bacon!

Enjoy your weekends lovely people and if you missed my last post on how to make a Chocolate Guinness Mud Cake then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN, but don't panic - it's still there :) !

Betty x

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  1. I appreciate that my comment is about 12 months too late (my bad, I only just found your blog) but this looks like such a great place! The food and the views look awesome. Angharad x


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