Tuesday 21 April 2015

The Ultimate Hangover Eggs

How To Poach An Egg Hangover Cure Food The Betty Stamp

Poached, scrambled, boiled with soldiers, omelett-ed, Benedict-ed or sunny side up! I LOVE EGGS. Eggs eggs eggs.

I enjoy mine most of all with a runny yolk spilling down the side of an egg cup with marmite soldiers for dunking :)

mmm nothing better.

As eggs are a proven hangover cure, I've decided to team them with a few more 'morning after'-friendly ingredients to make the ultimate alcohol-busting breakfast cure! And what better way to find egg-inspiration (eggspiration?) than to have a mooch around the British Lion Eggs site - they have some cracking scrambled egg recipes! (see what I did there) :)

How To Poach An Egg Hangover Cure Food The Betty Stamp

I've opted for poached eggs on top of leafy spinach, tomatoes, asparagus and a seedy bagel with a naughty side order of avocado & extra crispy bacon! Because lets face it - you can't possibly not have bacon on a hangover. (Unless you're veggie…respect, I just couldn't resist that bacon smell)

What You'll Need //

Streaky bacon
Salt & pepper
Your sauce of choice

No fancy plastic wobbly moulds needed.
I have a fail safe method of poaching my eggs. It works for me everytime.
Bring a saucepan of water to the boil. Stir the water so it has a whirlpool effect - quickly crack your egg into the middle of said whirlpool. Leave it to poach for 2-3 minutes. Scoop out carefully with a holed spoon to get rid of excess water.


How To Poach An Egg Hangover Cure Food The Betty Stamp

Boil your asparagus, grill your tomatoes and bacon, slice your avocado, toast your bagel, smother in butter (and marmite in my case - always) sprinkle over your spinach and make a lovely stack of scrummyness for your belly!

How To Poach An Egg Hangover Cure Food The Betty Stamp

Top with your winning egg and watch as the yolk spills down the side … mmm

How To Poach An Egg Hangover Cure Food The Betty Stamp

Wash this down with a glass of coconut water which is marvellous for hangovers or blend yourself one of my delicious fruit smoothie concoctions found on my Instagram

Foods to avoid on a hangover - heavy meats, cheese, orange juice, coffee, alcohol!! and no 'night before' food e.g. cold Chinese, pizza etc. That will not a happy belly make.

How To Poach An Egg Hangover Cure Food The Betty Stamp

Have a cracking brunch one and all, hope the headaches swiftly disappear!

Betty x

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  1. My mouth is salivating here Betty looking at your photos! And anyone would think you'd endured one or two hangovers with your knowledge of foods to help and avoid ;)
    Angela x

  2. Oh my this looks so good! I've not perfected poached eggs yet at home! I think I need to my hands on a spoon with holes! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. I usually use two tablespoons and rock the egg carefully in them to get rid of the water. Works just as well! :) x

  3. BETTY!! NOOOOOOOOOOO I need to eat this like everyday.....Followed by them delish cookies... We really really are the same person... it's scary x

    1. mmm I wish I had a maid then I could get them to make these everyday! And get her to send yours in the post each day! x


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