Thursday, 14 July 2016

Vanilla Beer Brownies

The Betty Stamp Vanilla Beer Brownies Recipe

I have a confession. 

I've never baked brownies before that weren't from a packet.


I know. BUT yesterday was the magical day when I found out what I've been missing all these years. 

With a little bit of help from Joe at Little Pod providing me with an absolute treat of all treats - award winning vanilla beer and madagascan vanilla shortbread! Vanilla beer to use in the baking, vanilla shortbread to use in my mouth whilst baking...

These brownies were...(big statement blooming)...out of this FREAKING WORLD.

The Betty Stamp Vanilla Beer Brownies Recipe Little Pod

Melt in the mouth, moist, packed full of chocolate with a smooth undercurrent of vanilla beer and a drizzle of milk choccie on top for good measure (and because I'm a piglet).

I must say, if you have a chance to try any Little Pod products then you're in for a treat, the shortbread was to die for. It ALMOST left me with no room for brownies. Almost. 

The Betty Stamp Vanilla Beer Brownies Recipe Little Pod
The Betty Stamp Vanilla Beer Brownies Recipe Little Pod

The Betty Stamp Vanilla Beer Brownies Recipe Little Pod

What you'll need // 

325g butter
200g dark chocolate
3 eggs
100g light brown sugar
100g granulated sugar
100ml vanilla beer (or normal beer & a few drops of vanilla extract)
75g all purpose flour (I only had self raising and mine nearly turned cakey!)
pinch of salt 

The Betty Stamp Vanilla Beer Brownies Recipe Little Pod

The Betty Stamp Vanilla Beer Brownies Recipe Little Pod

What to do //

Preheat oven to 180 degrees C fan. Line a 8 x 8 or 9 x 9 baking dish. 

Using a bain marie/double boiler, melt your chocolate and butter together and stir. 

Into a large bowl pour your chocolate mixture, sugars and vanilla beer and mix well. 

Whisk in the eggs firstly before adding your dry ingredients and stirring well until the mixture is as smooth as possible. 

Pour the mixture into your lined baking dish and bake for approximately 40 minutes, (5 ish mins longer if your dish is 8 x 8). Check the bake with a skewer to see if it comes out clean. 

Leave brownies to cool on a wire rack (if you can, it was so tempting at this point to face plant them) and drizzle melted chocolate on top when cooled. 

The Betty Stamp Vanilla Beer Brownies Recipe Little Pod

Then taunt your boyfriend by not allowing him a piece for a whole 12 hours because you needed to take pictures of them in the daylight :)

I strongly advise you bake a batch immediately and dunk them in a glass of milk. (This is precisely what I'm doing right now).

Enjoy your evenings! 

Betty x 

Ps, This is not a sponsored post, Little Pod just kindly sent me these products out of the kindness of their hearts. What dreamboats. 

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  1. Ooh poor William having to wait a whole 12 hours until the photos were taken before he could indulge in a slice (or two or three) of that gargeously fudgey looking brownie! It looks absolutely amazing, and do pleeease tell me that you have a spare slice on it with my name on it ;-)
    Angela x

    1. I know, he's so hard done by!! (not) OF COURSE ! I wish I could send these bakes via snail mail, then maybe I wouldn't pile on the pounds!!! xx

  2. Oh. This looks goooooooood! I love brownies so much, and your first effort looks very impressive :) Angharad x

    1. Thanks lovely lady !! I will definitely be making some again soon :) xxx

  3. Many thanks for this amazing scrumptious recipe! How wonderful we are so glad it turned out so well! Please give me a bell if any of you fancy a dark creamy velvet vanilla beer. Plus here's a discount code of 10% from one of our distributors BEERSBYPOST10LP when buying at Happy vanilla beer baking!


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