Friday 3 March 2017

Malteser Fridge Cake #bakeamillion

The Betty Stamp Maltesars Fridge Cake Slices Red Nose Day Comic Relief Baking #bakeamillion

First off, gigantic apologies for disappearing off the face of the planet these last few weeks, I've been boating around the globe again with Ida and have abandoned my kitchen and baking utensils! They were really starting to collect dust. But due to horrific jet lag I was up at 5.30 again and in need of something to do, so I brushed them off and made some delicious treats for Comic Relief!

Maltesers are hands down my go-to choccies of choice.

Whenever William pops over the road to Nisa for his nightly mint Magnum, my weakness is always a trusty bag of the malty balls.

So when I found out they were running a scheme called #bakeamillion whereby they donate £5 to Comic Relief for every scrummy Malteser bake you make, it would have been rude not to jump on the chocolatey band wagon right?

Safe to say William was chuffed when he woke up to the smell of buttery biscuityness and a breakfast of chocolatey treats!

What you'll need //

Biscuit Base
200g digestive biscuits
100g melted butter
1 tbsp desiccated coconut
1 tbsp honey

Chocolatey Deliciousness
60g butter
150g dark chocolate
150g milk chocolate
100g raisins
100g digestive biscuits
100g Maltesers
pinch salt
Extra chocolate for drizzling on top.

The Betty Stamp Maltesars Fridge Cake Slices Red Nose Day Comic Relief

What to do //

Line a square baking dish (20x20cm) with baking parchment.

Crush your digestives in a bag with a rolling pin and mix with your melted butter, desiccated coconut and honey. Pour into your baking dish and flatten evenly with a fork until compact. Leave in the fridge whilst making your chocolatey topping.

In a saucepan melt your butter and chocolates on a very low heat. Once fully melted, pour into a large mixing bowl along with your raisins, crushed digestives, salt and Maltesers (leaving a few for decoration).

Pour over the top of your biscuit base and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Drizzle even more melted chocolate over the top (because there's not enough chocolate in this already) and chop a few Maltesers in half to decorate.


Devour 4 slices immediately and enjoy your sugar buzz!

The Betty Stamp Maltesars Fridge Cake Slices Red Nose Day Comic Relief

Happy Red Nose Day one and all (for the 24th March)!

I think I'm just about coming down off my sugar high now (accidentally ate three for breakfast...)

Betty x

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  1. Omnomnomnomnom!!! Looks amazing, well done you!!


    1. Eeeee thanks lovely :) your cheesecake looks so ruddy dreamy too x

  2. Haha, I love how you admit to eating 4 in a row and having some for breakfast! That's the kind of thing I would do! I love maltesers too, and this recipe looks so good! Hope the jet lag is getting better. Angharad X

    1. Haha GUILTY! Jet lag has definitely eased off, only up at 7 now, getting better! Thanks for stopping by :) xx

  3. OOh yes! How good do they look! And for breakfast too ;-)
    Angela x

    1. I know naughty me! That's lent out the window! Xx


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