Sunday 16 October 2016

Exploring Stratford Upon Avon

I have to say, hand on heart, the medieval market town of Stratford Upon Avon is one of my favourite places in England. (Not to be confused with London's more concrete version on the Central line)! Luckily for me, my Auntie & Uncle live here, so it gives me a great excuse to jump on a train out of London and into the fresh air of Shakespeare's birth place.

So when my family invited William and I up for the weekend with the promise of a Mexican food feast and Bananagrams, we obviously jumped at the chance. Not just for the Mexican food feast though...promise... ;)

We had such a lovely weekend rambling along the river, seeing the bustling barges with swans gliding behind with the knowledge of them being the best tourist traps for bread crusts! Ducking into shops and pubs, munching on the scrummiest fish and chips at The Dirty Duck ale house just behind The Globe theatre and accidentally stumbling into the all year round Christmas Shop... AKA

And with all the womping willows hanging over the river, it makes me feel like I'm in a Harry Potter film :) So really, what's not to love.

Here are some little snippets...

Despite the slight drizzle, our spirits were certainly not dampened, we even sat in the rain and watched a barge go through one of the locks, (because we're really cool like that). William and I met working on a cruise ship so it reminded us (on a much teenier scale) of when we sailed through the Panama Canal and passed through the locks - how the mammoth ship fitted through still baffles me to this day!

But if you're on the look out for a mini weekend break away, I would definitely recommend Stratford. At Christmas it's even more magical!

Enjoy your weekend's lovely people and if you're wanting an easy peasy weekend bake - check out my scrummy chocolate chip cookies!

Betty x

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  1. I haven't visited Stratford in years - I used to go as a child and they had a children's shop complete with narrow boat (from Rosie & Jim) and slide from the Teletubbies. Definitely a highlight! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    1. Ah darn it I missed that shop! Sounds awesome! Used to love Rosie and Jim :)

  2. Great photos lady!! I'm glad you guys had such fun :-)


  3. My boyfriend really wants to go here! I went there a couple of times on school trips for Shakespeare would be nice to go back again :) Looks like you had a lovely time! Angharad x

    1. Absolutely you should both go! I still haven't seen anything at the Globe yet but it's on my bucket list! Lucky you going with school trips! xx


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