Thursday 19 May 2016

Against The Grain Food Market :: Camden

Usually I blink and miss things on Twitter but last week something caught my eye that made me pen a date in the diary - not even pencil, immediately penned in!

I love food markets. LOVE. So when I saw Camden Market was hosting a gluten free food market - Against The Grain, I was all of a flutter.

I've been striving to go gluten free for the past few weeks and I've had good and bad days. Have you tried my GF Date, Banana & Choccie Energy Bites ?? Baking has been my downfall as it's just too ruddy convenient having a tiny supermarket opposite my house which sells zero gluten free products. And let's face it, when you run out of gluten free flour mid bake and are wearing your jammys and bunny slippers, you're not likely to want to venture too far for fear of being seen. (The lovely men in Nisa know us now - when they see William they shout, 'Ice cream boy!' and automatically fetch him a mint magnum.)

Main meals have been going swimmingly though, ooo that reminds me I made an incredible feta & spinach frittata the other night and need to share the recipe! Watch this space! My favourite new addition to the cupboard has been Nairns gluten free cheese oatcakes ... YUMMY.

Anyway, back to the food fest, we had a jolly old time! It was buzzing with food lovers, the sun was shining and spirits were high.

Weaving our way through the crowds, the first stall we came to was an absolute winner - the duo behind Syms Pantry selling their bacon filled goods. They drew me in with a sample and I was sold from the first tiny taste. Bacon jam, bacon mayo, bacon ketchup - let me tell you lads and lasses, it is bloody marvellous and I never want anything else on my burger bap ever again. The bacon jam has a special shelf in our fridge!

As you can imagine we were getting pretty darn hungry by now and with the taste of bacon jam on our lips - we both wanted something meaty! I actually got serious food envy of what William went for - non spicy Peruvian shredded chicken, potatoes & veggies from Limena. I had a couple of bites and wished I'd ordered the same! The flavours were incredible but I wanted to try one of the stalls specifically for the Against The Grain market. I think Limena has a permanent Camden Market stand - and I can see why. Yum YUM.

I came up trumps! Naughty Roti's Spicy Chicken Curry smelt soo freaking good I couldn't resist. No scrimping on the chicken here! And they packed it full of crunchy carrot salad, rice, fresh coriander and yogurt with some sort of secret sauce that was scrummy in my tummy! Just the right amount of spice - I'm a massive wimp usually. Chuffed with my choice I was  :)

Prize for the prettiest stall of the day goes to Cupcakes n Shhht! I was absolutely stuffed by this point and the most annoying thing for me is I can never really buy sweet products as I'm allergic to nuts and I can never guarantee that I won't keel over and die. SO I admired these from afar :) and appreciated what I love most! Beautiful baking! Oh they make me want one of my choccie & raspberry engagement cupcakes. Darn it. Chocolate craving. I have ice cream in the freezer...that'll have to suffice.

I'm sad that I was a traitor to my local Venn Street Market but glad I ventured a bit further afield to find these treats and try new dishes packed full of flavour and zero wheat bloat involved! Just the normal amount of food baby :)

Did any of you make it to Against The Grain? Which are your favourite food markets?

Betty x

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  1. This food market looks amazing. Just had breakfast and am hungry again. Bacon condiments, yum ...

    1. mmm I know right. Bacon condiments , who needs anything else in life

  2. I love food markets and street food in general! Some of the most delicious meals can come from the street, it's crazy but true! Last night I went to this Street Food Festival that was happening in my city and I had one of the best burgers of my life! Next time I go to London (which hopefully won't be too long) I'll make sure to visit Camden's food market!


    1. Thanks for stopping by Athena, food market's are one of my fave places too :) mmm burger. YES definitely do and when you do, I highly recommend that Peruvian food stand!

  3. The spicy chicken curry looks delicious! I love London Borough market, it's good to go there when you're hungry :) Lovely photos, Betty! Angharad x

    1. ooooo Borough market is one of my faves too! They have my favourite cheese stand! mmm now I'm hungry again

  4. Oh my goodness that food looks so good, I can almost smell it! I love a good food market, the only problem is actually having to pick just one or two, it's always such a hard decision!

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

    1. I know! We walked around the same stalls so many times trying to decide! Happy with my end choice though, they didn't disappoint! x


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